Life is amazing.  This world we live in is filled with fantastic places and people.  There is so much to be explored.  So much to experience.

Join me as I write about life.  Things I think are interesting or personal experiences that have happened to me.  Everything we experience in life; from relationships to education to career, helps develop and make us into who we are.  And I can’t wait to explore more of life with you.

My name is Stan Rodda and I am a follower of Christ, a husband, father and campus pastor at New Life Christian Church and I can’t wait to hear your stories.

  1. I like this blog stan. The more Christians think the more prepared they will be when they face trials and opposition.

    Have you ever explored how does salvation work? Fun topic that most Christians are less than educated on.

  2. culturalawakening

    I am probably less than educated on it as well. My personal opinion is that salvation is a work of God, not man. I am more and more convinced just from reading Scripture that there is nothing man can do of his own work to be saved. That’s what is so special about God. What are you trying to get at with the question? Just wondering where you’re going with it.

  3. I hear people say that Jesus’ sacrifice saves us. True, but I don’t think his death on a cross was the sacrifice He made. A ton of people died on a cross and they didn’t save us. Sure, he went by choice and he was perfect, but still it doesn’t explain how God forgives me. I think a lot of people have no idea what Hebrews 9 and 10 have to say about the specifics of God’s plan.

  4. Stan: been reading your blog for some time. have you in my google reader. Was wondering if you would okay me putting me on my blogroll and if you would do the same for me?

  5. Hey buddy I got you on my roll now. Let’s see what we can accomplish together opening some eyes to how our culture influences us.

  6. Stan,
    My name is Adam and I am sending 10 Questions out to leaders, writers, bloggers, artists and pastors to be answered and posted as a Friday feature on my blog (www.thedailywalk.net).
    I was checking to see if you would like to participate???
    If so, please email me at adam [at] thedailywalk [dot] net and I will send you the questions.


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