Use Your Manners!

If you were to come into my home and listen in on some of our family conversations in the house, you would hear me getting onto my kids periodically for different things.  Sometimes it has to do with the way they treat each other.  Sometimes it has to do what they are saying about someone else.

But none of those even come close to the one thing I’m always all over them about.  It’s a small thing really, but in the long run it’s a big thing.  My wife might even tell you that I get onto them so quickly about manners that I sometimes fail to give them the chance to use them.  Maybe so.  But manners are a big deal to me.


This was only reinforced during my time in North Carolina.  It seemed like every where we went, people were only too willing to extend a hand of common courtesy.  Letting you pull into a space in front of them.  Starting a conversation with you as if you had been friends since birth.  The kindness to give us a free sweet tea, not because we ordered one, but because you were just extending a hand of good, old fashioned, southern hospitality.

Granted, some of these examples go beyond manners, but it starts with the basics, “Please,” and, “Thank you.”

I want to help my kids grow to be respectful and kind to people around them.  I don’t want them thinking they are above treating people respectfully for the things they do for them.  Some days my kids are really on the ball with manners.  Other days I go to bed with a sore throat.

Still, being at the beach simply reinforced for me my stand on manners.

What do you think about manners?



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  1. I was raised in a generation, Stan, where it was not just please and thank you but also Mr. and Mrs. The hardest thing for me when I started as a pastor during my college years was calling people by their first names (which they insisted I do). As my girls grew, they were taught the simple manners that make a difference. Even today, I still say, “Yes mam” and “No mam” or any other equivalent. keep up the good teaching.

  2. Randy Kirkman

    “Just like Judas kiss” – Petra

  3. I believe manners are essential in a persons life. I work with youth and see the lack of manners in our current culture. I do my best with talking with them about the importance of having manners. Great post!

  4. Stan, this was a great post. I’m also a big believer in teaching my kids about manners and respect. My wife and I not only remind and teach our kids about manners but also practice it; especially in front of them. I believe my kids will learn from our actions. If we don’t show manners ourselves onto others then how will they take us seriously. There are adults out there that need to be reminded of it as well.

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