Social Media Does The Body Good!

The way we interact today isn’t like it was in the old days.  Back in the “good ol’ days” people would talk to each other using their mouths and eyes, not their computers, websites and fancy smartphones.  The way we connect, communicate and interact seems to be changing constantly at a blinding speed.  The minute I catch up with one thing, I’ve already got to learn a new one.

Fortunately for me, I actually enjoy the social media fad.  I’m on most major social media platforms.  I enjoy connecting with new people and catching up with people from my past.  Social media has completely changed the landscape of communication.

I want to speak specifically to those who are involved in ministry for a minute.

You may or may not like social media.  It may be something you naturally connect with or you might look at it and be completely baffled as to why anyone would get involved with such craziness.  I’m here to tell you something; your ministry needs social media.  Trust me, it does the “Body” good.

Adam Carriker

Adam Carriker

This is Adam Carriker.  He is a former Nebraska Cornhusker, stand out defensive lineman and Blackshirt.  He is a current Washington Redskin, right in my backyard.  I follow Adam on Twitter and am a “friend” on Facebook, mostly for selfish reasons (to keep up with Husker players).  However, this connection would prove to be extremely fruitful.

At our Campus in Haymarket, Virginia, we have a ministry we call, “Grab Your Groceries.”  We connect with social workers and guidance counselors in our local schools in Prince William County.  Through them, we are able to help provide grocery relief for some of the poorest in our area.  We meet very few of the families we serve, but based on our connections, we know the help is going to those who need it most.  The schools and families we serve are beginning to trust us more than other social organizations and it’s awesome to watch as they call us up and ask us to help us with different events at their schools.  I think we’ve stumbled on to a way to bring Jesus to schools without bashing them over the head with a Bible study or prayer group (but that’s a post for another time).

To help GYG grow, we are planning a huge benefit concert.  This is where social media comes back into the picture.  I sent Adam a direct message on Twitter, briefly told him about myself and introduced him to GYG.  I also was so bold as to ask him to help us out.  He responded with a message of his own and the conversation took off from there.  I found him on Facebook (to make messaging simpler) and gave him more details.  He was happy to help.  I asked him to donate cleats, signed by him, that we could raffle off to raise money to buy groceries for the families we serve.  He loved the idea and agreed.

No red tape.

No agents.

No long lines waiting for an autograph at a mall.

But I did make a connection with a professional athlete in the most powerful city in the world.  And he is helping us serve the community in his own way.  And I couldn’t have done it without social media.  Facebook, Twitter and more, have the power to connect you to people around the world like never before.  And in this case, it has served to further ministry efforts to provide grocery relief for those who need it most in our area.  Social media is capable of some very powerful things.

So, what do you think social media could help you and your ministry accomplish?

In what ways do you utilize social media to your ministries advantage?

Do you see ways that social media can be used to help make disciples?

Adam's cleats

Thanks, Adam Carriker, for the awesome donation!  You’re the man!  Go Huskers!  And, Go Skins!  We will be raffling his cleats at the benefit concert on Saturday, September 10th.

Follow Adam on Twitter here.  Check out his bio as well.  Maybe he knows a little something about making a difference in people’s lives.

Follow me on Twitter here.

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  1. I love this post. I have to admit I was an anti-FB, social media person and then I tried it and I love it. I have recconected with folks I haven’t talked to in ages and I get to tell people how much I love Jesus and quote scripture etc in a public way! I think social media has a “dark” side but have your moral compass in check then a lot of good can come from it. Plus how else would I know when you were at Starbucks and what your favorite order is?

    • Well, I guess you wouldn’t know when I was there or what my favorite drink is. =) There’s definitely a “dark” side as well. I have sort of adressed that side of it on my blog before. Typically about the time I need a social media fast.

  2. Great post Stan, and a great lesson for us all. And, besides, it just shows that something good could come out of Nebraska, irrespective of how improbable that was. <

  3. I will be an Adam Carriker fan this year for sure! So impressed that 1) you had the guts to ask him and 2) he responded so positively and quickly! So awesome! You never cease to amaze me with your willingness to ask. I wish I had half your courage! :)

    • Yeah, I’m definitely a Carriker fan for life. Very cool how he just helped us out so quickly. And don’t wish for my courage. It gets me into trouble some times. =) Love you, babe. I only have courage because you are so encouraging.

  4. Social media is a powerful thing indeed. Great article and a real eye-opener for how social media can potentially connect you to people you never thought you would meet

    • Thanks, Stuart. You’re right, it really is a powerful thing. Other examples include the unrest in Libya. Social media had a huge impact on how that situation was viewed around the world. And thanks for coming by my blog. Stop by any time.

  5. You know my thoughts on the whole social media thing Stan. I don’t fb out of respect for my wife’s wishes. I don’t Twitter because i can have an addictive personality and have no desire to even tempt that side of me. However, I am impressed by Mr. Carriker and by your boldness in following the Lord to ask him. Good thoughts my friend.

    • I hear you on that one, Bill. The addictive part is one of the reasons I periodically take a break from social media altogether. I want to constantly remind myself where my priorities should be. And thanks for posting your thoughts. I appreciate it.

  6. cool story – it definitely is a powerful thing and truly you miss out on a lot if you aren’t “in”

  7. Stan,
    Great testimony and power of social media. I think it is wise for faith leaders should use social media. It helps expand God’s kingdom and grows the church. I also believe it helps the church members stay connected with whats going on. Thanks for sharing.

    • I couldn’t agree more. There are some serious advantages to social media. Including connecting with people who will never (outside the help of God) walk through a church door. It’s like the new, “common ground,” we are looking for.

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