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One Month To Go!

It has been about a month since my wife and I accepted a position at New Life Christian Church.  While we are very excited about the opportunity there is also a lot to be done.  New Life Christian Church is a multi-site church.  While this isn’t a new idea in the church world, it is definitely an exciting thing.  Basically, a multi-site is one church that meets in multiple locations.  In New Life’s case, they meet in three locations making them a three campus church.  The vision of the church is one but the implementation of that vision is carried out over multiple campuses.  While I feel like I understand the multi-site thing, there is still so much more to learn.  I am excited to have the chance to learn some new things and broaden my ministry horizons. Here is a short video describing what multi-site means.

That being said, I joined a network for multi-site Campus Pastors and Leaders.  On this site they can connect and learn from each other about multi-site churches.  If you are interested in learning more, you can follow the link below.

Visit Leading Multi-site

Please continue to keep my family in your prayers.  We are under a little bit of stress trying to get everything finished up before December. Please be in prayer for…

Our home selling soon.

Finding a new place to live.

Getting everything packed.

Reserving the moving truck to get us to VA.

Our children to have a smooth transition.

Grant (my oldest son) to accept the change well.

For God to be with us and to bring peace to our home in this stressful/exciting time.

And sorry that I haven’t kept this blog up the way I should.  Things have been a little crazy lately.  Give me a little bit of time to get settled and I will try to pick up the pace a little bit.  Thanks for reading.  Peace.

Book Sale!

Hey everyone.  In an effort to downsize my library before my move to Virginia, I have posted a couple of items on eBay.  I thought I’d post the links here to spread the word about what I’m selling.  So I hope you will check out the following links to see if you might be interested in them.  I have some books available as well that aren’t sets or commentaries.  So if you are interested in other resources, contact me and I’ll see if I have what you are looking for.

Matthew Henry Commentary Set (Old and New Testament)

The Pulpit Commentary (New Testament only)

Clarke’s Commentary (Old and New Testament)

Barne’s Commentary (Old and New Testament)

Bible Study Textbook (Old and New Testament)

Thanks for checking them out.  Feel free to bid, a lot :), and help me get these sets sold.  Thanks.

Glo Bible

Let’s all be honest with ourselves and confess that we are now living in a technological world.  Almost everything is done through either a computer or electronic advice.  There is probably little argument that atop the list of modern day gadgets sits the iPhone.  Download an app (application) for nearly anything you can possibly imagine.  Use your iPhone (or other smart phones) to look up recipes for dinner, download music lessons, stay connected to friends and family through facebook or twitter applications.  Grab the app that shows you step-by-step how to make your own espresso at home.  And there are thousands more; everything from home design to catching your favorite teams score.

Now, step into a “typical” church.  Sit down in “your” pew (no cafe or Starbucks here).  Listen as someone tells you to pick up a book from the shelf in front of you called a him, hem or hymn book.  You’re not sure which it is but you do as you’re told.  Turn to page number 264.  Turn a page?  You have to be kidding me.  Is there an app for this thing?  Now listen as the man in the front begins to preach a sermon.  He says some things that you aren’t too sure about.  You would really like to ask some questions, but judging from the looks and demeanor of those around you, it is either really a bad time to interrupt with your question or that just isn’t accepted here.  When the service is over, one in which there was no Starbucks or app for the hymns you just sang, you head to the church library looking for something that might be helpful in your search for answers.  Blow the dust off of an old commentary set or get lost in a book that is full of symbols.  It’s all Greek to you though.  Again, there’s no app for this.  There’s no current, modern or up-to-date way to get the information you want.

Better yet, there doesn’t seem to be a way to get the info your soul craves.

What your soul needs.

So you give up looking there.

Perhaps, you give up searching entirely.

What if there was an easier way?  What if there was a way to get the Bible out into the hands of millions of spiritually hungry people in a way they can understand?  In a way that is modern, quick and yes, even cool.  Can the Bible be cool?  Is that possible?  Or is that some form of heresy that must be rejected?

There is a great new resource available to people who are interested in searching the Bible in a whole new way.  It is called Glo Bible.  It is an entirely new way to explore the Bible and find the answers you are looking for.  I included a short video that briefly introduces this great new product.  If you like what you see, head over to their website and buy it for yourself.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed.  Maybe, just maybe, the church has found a way to get the Bible into the hands of people in a 21st Century way.

YouVersion! is a great site for those who are interested in reading Scripture on a daily basis.  It also helps to connect you with others who are reading the same Scripture.  You can read other’s comments, learn from them and input your own ideas.  I love having YouVersion available for spending time with God.  I posted this a while back on my YouVersion account.  I had read Matthew 17 and was inspired by it.  So, check it out and let me know what you think.

“There has just been a lot of good reading on YouVersion.  This section of Scripture I am so intrigued by.  Second to the post-resurrection appearances, this has to be a time when the disciples see Jesus the most clearly.  This has to be a chance for them to see Him for who He really is.  When some of the greatest prophets of their entire faith appear, Elijah and Moses, next to Jesus, enveloped by a bright white cloud and Jesus starts shining like the sun (and they didn’t have any Oakley’s to shade the eyes) and the voice of God speaks to them.  This is a huge moment in their journey with Jesus Christ.

Is it me or does anyone else want to see Jesus that clearly?  Sometimes I want Him to appear to me, shining like the sun, enveloped in a white cloud, maybe standing next to Tom Osborne and Johnny Rodgers.  Then just tell me what’s going on.  Just lay it on the line for me.  “This is who I am, Stan. Get it?”  Yep, I got it that time.  Show me who You are.  Reveal Yourself to me I pray.  Show me Your glory.  Let me walk and live in the light that You created.  Help me to see You as You really are.

I don’t have to see Jesus this way to believe in Him.  I just want to experience the fullness of who He is.  This seems like a pretty good way to do that.  Matthew 17:1-13

Exciting News!

There is some very exciting news that I want to share with the readers of Cultural Awakening.  My family and I are about to begin a new chapter in our lives.  We have accepted a Campus Pastor position at New Life Christian Church in Virginia.  We currently lead the Petersburg Church of Christ in Illinois.  This will be a huge change for us but one that we are very ready for and can’t wait to tackle.

For those of you who would like to know more, please continue reading.  New Life Christian Church is a church planting church.  They seek to be a church for the unchurched.  They are a multi-site church.  A multi-site church is one church that meets in different locations.  They currently have three campus that meet in Haymarket, Centerville and McLean, Virginia.  My wife and I will be transitioning in to the Haymarket campus.  Haymarket is located about an hour or hour and a half directly west of D.C.  The main campus is in Centerville.  The church has a total attendance of nearly 1000 people and the Haymarket campus is running 180.

Not only is this an incredible opportunity for us to take on a new challenge, it also presents a very exciting future for us.  For six or seven years, my heart has been leaning toward church planting.  This is an added benefit to working with New Life.  As a church planting church, I have committed 5-7 years of being on staff with them.  While I am there, I will have the opportunity to learn about church planting and to get connected with many church planting organizations.  In 5-7 years, my wife and I will have the opportunity to plant a church.  Just writing that sentence gives me chills.  I couldn’t be more stoked about this opportunity.

I want to send out a message of love and encouragement to my family in Petersburg, the people at the Church of Christ.  You have been my spiritual family for a little over five years.  I am so happy that God has allowed our paths to cross, even if it feels like it was for just a short time.  I want to encourage you to keep loving people as Jesus did.

Never stop loving them.

Never stop giving to them.

Never stop giving of yourselves.

Pour yourselves into the ministry and life of Petersburg.

It is on your backs that PCOC is able to do so many of the wonderful things that it does.  I have been privileged to be a part of it.

There is probably even more to share.  More details, small things that I have forgotten.  I would be happy to talk with any of you more about this opportunity.  Feel free to comment me on this blog, on facebook, twitter or email.  I look forward to hearing from you.

If you are interested in praying for us, I have a couple of things that we are praying for as well.  We are praying for our house to sell quickly.  Most people complain about the market or economy, but I’m still pretty sure God is bigger than the economy.  We have specifically prayed that God would bring around the right buyer at the right time.  We are also praying for our church family here, that they will be strong and be able to continue working hard for God here in Petersburg.  We are also praying for a smooth transition to New Life.  That includes everything from our move, to settling down in Virginia and getting started in the work there.  Please keep us in your prayers.

There are many mixed emotions, but ultimately this is a door that God has opened to us and we are so excited for the opportunity to be a part of New Life.  Thanks everyone for reading Cultural Awakening and I’ll try to keep you all posted as to updates here as well as a whole new perspective from the East Coast.

Grace and Peace,


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